Acts 29 Boot Camp (Chicago) mp3s

Last month the ACTS 29 Network had their boot camp in Chicago. For those of you who have never heard of ACTS 29 it is a church planting ministry committed to planting churches that plant other churches to put it simply. Their hope is to plant 1,000 churches within the next 20 years. Below is the list of seminars they had. Jess and I hope to plant some churches in the Northwest if the Lord is pleased so I am going to look forward to listening to these.

Church Planting Evangelism 01/30/08

Speaker: Mark Dever

Vision for Church Planting 01/30/08

Speaker: Scott Thomas

Kingdom-Focused Church Planting 01/29/08

Speaker: Ed Stetzer

Leading the Mission in Church Planting 01/29/08

Speaker: Darrin Patrick

Preaching the Mission Chicago 2008 01/29/08

Speaker: Mark Driscoll


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