John A. Broadus writings found on EBay

John Broadus was the 2nd president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The seller found his letters on accident when she bought some glassware at an auction. Why doesn’t stuff like this ever happen to me?? Below is an excerpt from the Baptist Press:

Southern acquired the new materials when Don Whitney, associate professor of biblical spirituality, saw them for sale on eBay, an Internet site where people buy and sell items. Whitney notified Gregory A. Wills, professor of church history and director of Southern Seminary’s Center for the Study of the Southern Baptist Convention, of his find.”When I looked at the photo of the letters, I saw that it was indeed Broadus’ handwriting, and I grew excited about the possibility of acquiring these for the seminary that Broadus gave his life to establish,” Wills said.R. Albert Mohler Jr., Southern Seminary’s president, said the addition of the papers serves as a reminder of the depth of the Broadus legacy.”This really is an historical achievement for us,” Mohler said. “It is restoring a part of Dr. Broadus’ legacy through the institution he served and helped to found. It means a great deal to us to have these materials. Just looking at them, touching them, reviewing them, reminds us of the greatness of this man and the length of his legacy.”

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