Biblical Ecclesiology on the Run??

David Wells comments on Barna’s findings concerning the alternatives to conventional church experiences in America. Below are some alarming stats:

  • worship at home (89%)
  • active in house church (75%)
  • watching religious TV (69%)
  • radio broadcast (68%)
  • special ministry event (68%)
  • and participating in a marketplace ministry (54%)


Assume for the moment that Barna’s numbers are correct and that they really do identify a prevailing mood. This mood will be in our churches. How are we going to respond to it? It seems to me that this has become a central question and we need to be careful that we are not caught fiddling while Rome—the reality of the Church—gets burned down. The problem, though, is that the consequences in our churches of increasingly vapid biblical teaching, personality-centered pastoring, invasive individualism, contempt for the past, and an egregiously non-theological kind of evangelicalism have now been accumulating for years. And this makes for easy-pluckings by anyone who seems to have a better idea or who offers more for less.


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