9 Marks: Gospel Cooperation and Separation

9Marks has just put out their latest e-journal for the months of March and April. There are some interesting and insightful articles in particular Greg Gilbert’s review on Rob Bell’s Nooma videos and Wayne Grudem’s article on organizational boundaries.

Fellow Workers for the Truth
By Andy Johnson

Together for What?
By Mark Dever

A Senior Saint on Unity
By Iain Murray

Theological Triage
By R. Albert Mohler

When, Why & Where To Draw Boundaries
By Wayne Grudem

A Pastors’ and Theologians’ Forum on Fundamentalism

Potential and Pitfalls of Together For The Gospel
By David Doran

A Christian Fundamentalist Travel Guide
By Matthew C. Hoskinson

An Evangelical-Fundamentalist Convergence?
By Ben Wright

Video Review: NOOMA
By Rob Bell
Reviewed by Greg Gilbert

Book Review: Promise Unfulfilled
By Roland McCune
Reviewed by Andy Naselli

Book Review: Why We’re Not Emergent
By Kevin DeYoung & Ted Kluck
Reviewed by Jonathan Leeman

Book Review: I Sold My Soul On eBay
By Hemant Mehta
Reviewed by Michael McKinley

(Available in PDF)


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