SG Leadership Interview #1: The Priority of Reading in a Pastor’s Schedule

Sovereign Grace has just launched their Leadership Interview Series:

“On behalf of the many folks excited to make C.J.’s pastoral and practical wisdom more accessible to pastors, we announce the launch of the Sovereign Grace Leadership Interview Series podcast. The interviews feature a roundtable discussion among C.J. Mahaney (president of Sovereign Grace Ministries), Jeff Purswell (dean of our Pastors College), and Joshua Harris (senior pastor of Covenant Life Church). The three gather on a regular basis to discuss a wide array of theological and practical leadership issues.”

The first of these is on the Pastor and Reading. Below is an excerpt:

Joshua Harris: Fitting reading into your daily life can be a challenge. How does this fit in with all the meetings that I’ve got, with just normal message preparation, with counseling, all those kinds of things? What is some practical advice to make reading a priority?

C.J. Mahaney: Well, I think first of all, you need a conviction related to reading and the priority of reading. So I think it all begins with a conviction. Once the conviction develops, then one needs to plan. And for me, during a simple, brief period of time—either Sunday afternoon or Monday morning—I plan my week, where my passions and priorities are transferred to the schedule. This makes all the difference, because I know entering each week that there will be more requests than I can possibly fulfill. So I know that. Given my limitations, given my weaknesses, I know that there are going to be more requests this week then I can possibly fulfill.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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