John 3:16 Conference

I ran across this conference on the Founders Blog and just found out that Timmy Brister might be live-blogging during the event. To be honest I am quite optimistic about this conference. It is always encouraging to see fellow brothers in Christ explore these rich doctrines. My hopes for this conference are probably higher than most. I have heard all but two of these speaker and have been blessed by their messages. The topics are sensitive but I think this event will definitely be a time for Southern Baptists to educate themselves on the delicate differences within their denomination.

John 3:16 Conference:

John 3:16 – Dr. Jerry Vines
John 3:16 to the entire world – Dr. Charles Stanley

Total Depravity – Dr. Paige Patterson
Unconditional Election – Dr. Richard Land
Limited Atonement – Dr. David Allen
Irresistible Grace – Dr. Steve Lemke
Perseverance of the Saints – Dr. Ken Keathley

Timmy Brister has listed seven reasons on why you should attend:

1. This conference could be a turning point where anti-Reformed Southern Baptists approach the issues with substance and exegesis rather than rhetoric and emotional appeals.

2. This conference could be the place where we finally understand the soteriological framework and positions of “biblicists” and non-Calvinists.

3. This conference could be the place where other verses in the gospel of John, such as John 1:12; 3:8; 5:21; 6:37, 44, 66; 8:47; 10:26-27; 11:52; 13:18; 15:16; 17:2, 9, 24 are also considered. Surely they would want to place John 3:16 in context.

4. This conference could be the place where non-Calvinists decide whether they are either semi-Pelagian or Arminian. In recent years, it certainly has sounded more semi-Pelagian than anything else, and that is not a good thing.

5. This conference could be the place where Molinism, prevenient grace, and libertarian free will are considered in light of, and attempted to be reconciled with, Scripture.

6. This conference could be the place where the love of God is handled in a more exegetically faithful and biblically responsible manner, in contrast with Ergun Caner, Dave Hunt, and Fisher Humphreys in the past.

7. This conference could be the place where Southern Baptists handle difficult issues with gracious spirits and truthful lips, honoring Christ in the way we approach issues and love those with whom we have disagreements.


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