New Attitude Conference 2008 (May 24 – 27 Louisville, KY)

From the New Attitude site:

“New Attitude began when Joshua Harris felt a call to equip his generation with biblical truth they could take back to their local churches. In 2004 the New Attitude conference ended so that Josh could become the senior pastor of Covenant Life Church. But a concept was emerging out of our experience in local churches. Truth. Lived out. With humility. An old idea with a new name: humble orthodoxy. New Attitude returned – this time led by Eric Simmons – and driven by the concept of humble orthodoxy.

Na exists now to help Christians believe, live, and represent the truth with humility. We do this in two ways: the big annual conference and the ongoing conversation here on the website. We haven’t swerved from Josh’s passion to equip members of local churches – Na itself is grounded in the churches of Sovereign Grace Ministries. In both the conference and website our goal remains the same: to equip people and point them back to their own local church communities.”

For past New Attitude Conferences check out the Sovereign Grace Store. The mp3 are free of charge.


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