Photography for the Glory of God

I have always had a fascination with photography probably more so now-a-days due to the influence of my former roommate Adam Barnes. One reason I admire the art of photography is it’s ability to capture shots that most people give a glancing eye to. Much of what photographers capture we have already seen but pay little attention to due to our busy lives. When good photos are taken they seem to grab and freeze moments that can evoke certain emotions that we never knew we had. The creation and man that God has made should cause us to think and feel glorifying affections through these images.
I have not had much experience photographing probably due to the fact that I just got a hold of an old film camera last year and film can be expensive. Everyonce and a while I will get a hold of an SLR camera and shoot away. My fiance’ has a digital camera and is quite the photographer herself. It is a hobby I hope to pick up sometime in the future. Below are some photos that I took almost two years ago (as you can see I don’t shoot much). The girl in the picture is Jess’ matron of honor Lauren and the guy is my former roommate and bestman Adam. A great couple who I love dearly.

Bill Walsh of Desiring God has given 9 Reasons Why he’s a Photographer:

  • Creation is a gift from God (and by creation, I mean all that God has made, not just mountains, birds, and trees). It is meant to display and communicate his glory.
  • God hides himself in creation. Unbelievers seldom see him in it, but believers are given eyes to see, so they can glorify God through it.
  • In order to glimpse of the glory of God in creation, we actually have to engage with it.
  • All art has one source: God’s universe. We create nothing, but only imitate the creator.
  • Cultural and artistic expressions are gifts from God which we should not neglect.
  • Culture that glorifies God is a foretaste of what we will experience in the new heavens and new earth.
  • Christians should avoid quickly judging cultural expression as sacred or secular. God also reveals himself through his common grace.
  • Christian cultural expression should not solely focus on the beautiful and the romantic, but should include the flawed.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of fusing heaven and earth, and serves as the ultimate source of inspiration for those engaged in artistic pursuits.

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