A Brief Review of “You and You Alone”

I have always been a Sovereign Grace fan ever since I was introduced to their music at my former church back in Louisville. Their music has supplied the church with a number of cross-centered, Christ exalting, passion driven, biblically based, theologically established, and just as important “catchy” songs. I recently took advantage of their $6 sale and purchased four albums: Songs for the Cross Centered Life, Awesome God, I Stand in Awe, and Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become.

Lately I have been listening to Joel Sczebel and Pat Sczebel new album entitled “You and You Alone”. Pat Sczebel is pastor of Crossway Community Church a Sovereign Grace Church in British Columbia. He was kind enough to send me a copy of his CD for a review on my blog. I must admit this album is more on the rockish side of things relative to the last four albums I have bought however just as worshipful.

The majority of the songs focus on God’s covenant faithfulness to his people. A much needed reminder in the Christian life. One of the goals in Christian worship is to raise the affections of the believer as high as the truth that is being proclaimed in the lyrics with music as the supporting factor. A distinction that sets Sovereign Grace Music apart from other groups, bands, and artists is their ability to do just that. Lyrically this album is gold. Musically there are definitely songs that I enjoy more than others. The album is definitely worth checking out especially since Sovereign Grace has decided to extend their $6 sale on CD’s. I would encourage you to order a copy of You and You Alone along with any of the other Sovereign Grace Music albums. The Valley of Vision and Songs for the Cross Centered Life are probably my favorite.


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