Update and Prayer Requests

Jessica and I have been doing undeservingly great as we get closer to the big day. Wedding plans have been coming together but we are starting to feel the pressure as we will be making some huge moves within the next 4 months. It’s crunch time folks! Here’s the game plan: July (Wedding day); July 6-18 (Honeymoon); July 19-30 (Goodbyes in Lynchburg); July 31 (Moving to Louisville). Here are some ways to pray for us:

· Jessica is graduating in May with a nursing degree and will be preparing to take her boards in transition to Kentucky. On top of planning a wedding you can imagine how overwhelmed one might feel. I have been trying and will continue to try and relieve her of any duties that I can take care of.

· Also she will be looking for a job as well as myself in Louisville. Baptist East? UPS?

· We will be looking for a place to live. We are hoping to live on campus for the first semester for convenience sake. (Until I buy my scooter!?)

· I will be starting school again and have about a 1 ½ to 2 years to finish up. We have a lot to think about concerning our future in ministry. Jessica and I are considering whether to go straight overseas to do mission work or to move to the Northwest to work in the local church.

· Jessica is also considering to pursue a MA in Biblical Counseling or possibly being a part of the Seminary Wives Institute.

· A quick and comfortable transition and adjustment for Jessica as she will be leaving her family. So you can expect that we’ll be having a lot of get-togethers at the Ignacio home for some good home-cooking and fellowship. Her brother David is currently at Boyce, which will be a blessing.

· Getting plugged in a local church once we move there.

· Please continue to pray that God would prepare our hearts and continue to be the motivation and center of this covenant that we are going to seal this summer. We have been blessed by our pastor and other loved ones who have guided us in preparation for this day through marriage counseling, small groups, etc. We acknowledge that marriage is to be one if not the brightest displays of the Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ to the world. Something we do not wish to take lightly.


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