New SBTS Lectures

I just finished my application for readmission a few minutes ago. Thinking back one of the benefits I had being at Southern Seminary were the guest scholars and lecturers.

If you haven’t read any of Graeme Goldsworthy’s work I would recommend According to Plan which is probably one of the most assigned books in seminary. In this book he unfolds redemptive history in a straightfoward and understandable way with a kingdom focus. He initially put together According to Plan as a Sunday School study. If you have just been introduced to the study of biblical theology Goldsworthy’s work will be a good resource for you to check out. Below are some lectures by Graeme Goldsworthy:

Mar. 20, 2008
“Biblical Theology and Its Pastoral Application” (MP3) (PDF)

Mar. 19, 2008
“Biblical Theology in the Seminary and Bible College” (MP3) (PDF)

Mar. 18, 2008
“The Necessity and Viability of Biblical Theology” (MP3) (PDF)

Dr. Jim Hamilton

Mar. 13, 2008
“The Typology of David’s Rise to Power: Messianic Patterns in the Book of Samuel” (MP3) (PDF)

Millard Erickson

Mar. 04, 2008
“Can Theology Learn from History?”

Mar. 05, 2008
“Can Theology Learn From Physics?”

Mar. 06, 2008
“Can Theology Learn From Economics?”


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