New Kids on the Block back in full effect!

As soon as I heard that NKTB would be back I seriously started to have flashbacks of my time at Amelia Earhart Intermediate School in Okinawa, Japan. I remember a fellow classmate of mine who had pictures of a bunch of guys with her either sticked to her folder or it might have even been some trading cards. Nevertheless my curiosity got the best of me so I asked her, “so umm….who are those guys.” She then replied, “what you got to be kidding me…these guys are New Kids on The Block!!” Alright I don’t remember exactly the extent of our conversation but for some reason I still remember that day. I was probably emotionally scarred by that girl for being the only person in the world who didn’t know who NKTB. All that to say is that these guys were the American Idols of my generation back in the day. Every guy wanted to be them and every girl wanted to have them.
I’m not so much into pop culture but I am quite interested to see how their come back is going to turn out. If you didn’t know they’re coming out with a new album. I’ve posted a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
Oh…by the way let’s all hope for my man M.C. Hammer to make his own come back. 

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