Seminary Pick Up Lines

I have never been one nor been good at using pick lines as Jess might tell you but I thought these pick up lines were quite funny due to a few guys coming to mind who would actually use these.  You know who you are!  Okay maybe not but I thought that these were hilarious. 

I ran across these on J.D. Grear’s site today.

  • “You may not have chosen me, but I have chosen you.”
  • “I could not help but notice you were exegeting me instead of the text during the sermon.”
  • ”Your name must be grace, because you are irresistible.”
  • “There are six things that motivate me to talk to you, yea seven that turned my head.”
  • “God may be the bread of life, but you are the butter.”
  • “Well, gouge out my eyes and cut off my hands. If I hang around you much longer, I won’t have any limbs left.”
  • “There’s something about you that just makes me want to repent.”
  • “I’m pretty flexible… I don’t think a woman should be submissive on the first date.”
  • “You must have missed The Fall line, because you are lookin’ righteous.”
  • “Are you homo or homoi?”

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