On Signing Bibles

I have never quite grasped why people have other people sign their Bibles and I’m not talking about the presented to and by portion.  I guess I can understand the whole “heroes of the faith” collection of signatures but maybe it’s me but I don’t see any spiritual value or any value at all in this exercise.  Of course there may be a season of joy if someone like Al Mohler were to sign my Bible (not that he would and not that I would ask him or anyone) but I would be much more comfortable and I am sure he would too if he signed something he actually wrote.  Signatures imply ownership and authorship.  As if anyone is worthy to sign Scripture…

Below is an account Josh Gelatt mentions regarding J.I. Packer:

After I had my book [Knowing God] signed, many more pressed him. He signed books as he answered questions. The insight he provided into the Puritans in those few minutes still have a lasting impact on me. During the conversation, a young man (my age) approached Packer with a newly purchased ESV Bible (of which Packer was a general editor). Excitedly, he asked Packer to sign it and handed it to him. For a few moments Packer held the Bible in his hands, and quietly returned it to the young man. He said, “Son, this is God’s book. If you want it signed you will need to ask him.”



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