A Few Minor Updates to the Site and an Important Reminder

Just some brief updates…

  • I’ve updated my “about” page. Nothing long….
  • I recently added a reading list that has benefited and is still benefiting my spiritual walk. Many of the books you may already be familiar with.
  • I’ve also added some photography links to the right.  Check out Adam Barnes in particular.  We were former roommates during our single years and now a bestman in my wedding.  Although he specializes photographing people he has a God given gift at capturing both the beauty of man and creation in his photos.  He will be featured in an upcoming book in the near future along with some other talented photographers.  I will post more on this in the time to come.
  • I’ll be adding a list of music albums as well as some influential sermons in the near future.

Also quick reminder! Today is exactly a month away from Mother’s Day! Get a head start and start planning something special for your Mother. For you bloggers out there…an idea may be to dedicate a whole post to honor her. Just a thought….


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