Toward a Missional Mindset at Work

Timmy Brister and the guys at Provocations and Pantings have recently finished a poignant and informative series on having a missional mindset within the context your job, that is evangelizing and having a kingdom advancement mindset within your place of work (I am referring to vocations outside of the local church).  This was a much needed reminder for myself.  There is not much written on this topic from what I’ve researched so this should prove to be a valuable resource for anyone longing to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ known at work whether verbally or through deeds of mercy.  It makes sense that our job should be grounds for this approach since the majority of our day is spent at work.  Below is the list of posts.  Timmy Brister has been kind enough to put together a PDF file of all the articles. 




1. The Cross Isn’t Sexy: A Dying Man’s Confession (by Timmy Brister)
2. Missional Work (by Timmy Brister)
3. Putting in Time or Preaching the Truth: What’s More Valuable? (by Owen Strachan)
4. Don’t Waste Your Work! (by Timmy Brister, excerpt from John Piper)
5. Because Christ Is Risen, Abound in the Work of the Lord (by Timmy Briser, Easter reflection)
6. Witnessing at Work: Sacred vs. Secular? (by Jason Meyer)
7. Gospeling at Work, Part 1 (by Matthew Wireman)
8. A Christian Education and Witnessing at Work (by Jason Meyer)
9. Gospeling at Work, Part 2 (by Matthew Wireman)
10. Churches, Affirm the Importance of Work and Mission (by Timmy Brister)
11. A Working Paradigm for Missional Work (by Timmy Brister)




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