Updated: T4G 08 Audio (4/16)

I will posting more audio from the T4G conference once they are made available. If you are not aware of this conference and would like to know more you can click here for more information. This is by far in my opinion the best line up of speakers that you can get all in one conference.

Unfortunately I was not able to go this year as I have again missed this second T4G conference. It is a biannual event so the next one will hopefully be in 2010. I jokingly told Jessica that I would not miss the 2010 conference (Lord willing they have it) for anything unless either Jessica goes in labor or there is a death in the family. Okay that may be an exageration…or is it!? Anyways all that to say is I have tried to keep myself from going into depression considering I left Louisville the day before it started. It was like a stab in the heart when all my friends and everyone at church was asking me if I was visiting for the conference. 🙂

On a serious note I do pray that this will be an enriching experience for all those attending, which I do not doubt it will be. I have been praying for the speakers as well due to the incredible influence these men have on their hearers. What an amazing blessing it is to see and hear so many come together for the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

(Photo: Timmy Brister)

Sovereign Grace:

2008 Conference Audio

General sessions from the 2008 conference are being posted here as they become available. Panel discussions will be available for download after the conference.

Sound Doctrine: Essential to Faithful Pastoral Ministry
(Ligon Duncan)
Bearing the Image: Identity, the Work of Christ, and the Church
(Thabiti Anyabwile)
The Sinner Neither Able nor Willing: The Doctrine of Absolute Inability
(John MacArthur)
Improving the Gospel: Exercises in Unbiblical Theology
(Mark Dever)
The Curse Motif of the Atonement
(R.C. Sproul)

*For all downloads, right-click and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As.”


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