Our Brief Time in Louisville

Yes, one of my all time favorite games on the side of my head. MAD GAB!!

I can’t wait to start back up again this Fall. SBTS Holla!

Dave (Jess’s lil bro) and Jessy. Great couple! This was taken at Thunder of Louisville.

The one and only thugologian Dr. Bradley Cochran. Look out for his new rap album coming out next year called Thugology. He’ll be rapping at my wedding this July (j/k).  He’s got a great blog that you should check out when you get the chance.  Click here to check it out.  Watch your back….

My favorite drive through joint in Louisville…Smoothie King!  I was inspired by Smoothie King and actually bought a blender last week.  I’ve been drinking smoothies for five days straight now.


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