New Blog That I Will be Contributing to and the ReThink Conference

Mike Hall recently contacted me and has graciously offered me an opportunity to be a contributor of the Two Institutions site at the recommendation of my friend Josh Brown. Below is TI’s purpose statement:

Two Institutions.Org exists to call attention to the need for reform of family and church culture so that these two institutions work together, within a Biblical framework, to build God’s kingdom.

My first post will be up on May 16. I am delighted and humbled at this opportunity.

On another note Two Institutions will be sponsoring a conference coming up based on Steve Wright’s book reThink. Tony Kummer of Said at Southern has recently written a review of the book. If you would like to see his thoughts on the book click here. If you were at the Band of Bloggers in Louisville, KY this year you should have received a copy of this book. Randy Stinson of Southern Seminary will be one of the keynote speakers at this event along with some local Pastors. From what Mike told me if I can remember correctly he is going to try and make the audio available. Don’t hold me to that though. The conference is going to be in Raleigh, NC so if you are going to be around the area it might be worth your time to stop by. One great thing about it is that it is FREE! Below is some information about the conference. Clear here to be directed to the actual site.

The reThink Conference is for youth pastors, pastors, education pastors, parents and youth leaders who desire a greater biblical understanding of how the two primary institutions that God has established in the Bible, the family and the church, work together in the context of youth ministry.

Please Note: There is NO CHARGE for this conference.

What some are saying about the reThink conference…

reThink will revolutionize our ministry on the West Coast with Students and their parents. This is the biblical wave of effective Student Ministries of the future. See you in May!!!”
– RJ Holt
Pastor of Student Life
Grace Baptist Church
Santa Clarita, California

“After reading reThink, I was hoping a conference would follow. Steve Wright is about reclaiming a theology of family and wants to equip and empower Church leadership to be difference makers. I jumped at the opportunity to sign up! Do not make excuses for making this a priority!”
– Ron Brenning
Denver, Colorado


6 thoughts on “New Blog That I Will be Contributing to and the ReThink Conference

  1. Jonathan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s Awesome!!!!! I think your writing is exceptional, and it doesn’t surprise me that you have been asked! I’m very excited to hear this!! ZCHEAH!!!

  2. You are too kind Brad! I wouldn’t say exceptional but thank you for the encouragement. Writing is definitely something I wish I worked on earlier and hope to soon improve on. I have not gotten to write much on my own blog but hope to in the near future. You on the other hand are gifted! I wish you had more time to write for your blog.

  3. Dude … your blog is kept up way better than mine. I just don’t have time to keep up with stuff. In the future I hope to start an eclectic blog where a team of people contribute, so that each only has to contribute about once a month. I’m looking for some good writers who will be Christ-centered and creative. It will probably be starting over the summer sometime. I would love to have you be a part if your interested. Hollabackcuzin’

  4. Man I was just thinking the same thing. I was going to bring it up to you but wasn’t sure if you would be interested. I’m down! We should do it! I only have to post twice a month with this other blog that I will be contributing to. I would love for us to start something. I have had lots of thoughts swimming around in my head about different topics we could write about. Maybe once seminary roles around again it will jump start me to actually start writing more and faster again. Maybe Sir Bishop Ricky would be interested? Just let me know what you want me to do. I’m here to serve my friend….

  5. John, I read the review that Said at SBST did on this book and went out and got it. It looks really good. Glad to hear about your new oppurtunities! You check out my new post. You will laught out loud and add years to your life 🙂

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