A Day at Peaks View Park

Saturday was a beautiful day in Lynchburg, VA. We spent the day at the park babysitting a couple of great kids Ethan and Eliana. Ethan is going to be our little ring barer on July 5 for our wedding. I have to say I was a little worn out after the swing sets. He just kept saying, “higher, higher” and higher he went for 20+ minutes straight. We had a great time!

Below is a picture of Eliana and Ethan getting their daily dose of flavored H20. They’re drinking this stuff called Vitamin Water. Apparently it’s extremely good for you.

Ethan and I played ship. We were on our way to some country to tell people about Jesus. Seriously that’s what he said. I was the captain of the ship.

Eliana’s the best!

Ethan with his hat from the movie The Incredible’s.

My beautiful fiancee.


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