Sproul Q & A (5/2/2008)

John Duncan who is the Executive Producer of Ligonier Ministries recently interviewed R.C. Sproul. Below is the list of questions along with the time codes. Click here for the audio.

  • In the work of evangelism, whether in preaching or personal witnessing, is it Scriptural to tell the lost that “God loves them” and “that He died for their sins?”  (@ 03:45)
  • Why do Presbyterian churches not have altar calls?  (@ 08:55)
  • If Scripture alone is our final authority, then what do we do with all the conflicting interpretations especially on the larger matters of salvation and justification? Do we accept the authority of the church when it comes to the authority of Scripture?  (@ 11:35)
  • If no one the Father gives to the Son is lost, why and was Judas lost?  (@ 13:52)
  • How is the Protestant notion of sola fide, faith alone, consistent with James 2:24, which says, “You see that a person is justified by what he does and not by faith alone?”  (@ 15:35)
  • Why did Jesus descend into hell before He rose to the right hand of the Father?  (@ 20:00)
  • Who raised Jesus after His crucifixion? God or Christ Himself? And does it make a difference?  (@ 23:00)


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