Liberty University Graduation 2008

My fiancee Jessica and my sister Sarah graduated this past Saturday. It turned out to be a beautiful day in Lynchburg. My parents flew from Washington State and my other sister Lois flew in from California. Here are some of the pictures from the ceremony. Congratulations Jessica and Sarah on a job well done. You finally made. Now it’s time for the real world! 🙂 This is a bit off track but funny story…if you didn’t know I also graduated from Liberty University back in 2003. I decided not to walk and actually watched my own graduation (live) while working at Ruby Tuesday on the television. I do plan to walk for my graduation at Southern Seminary. 🙂

Below is a picture of the program and my sister Lois.

The graduates marching to find their seats.

If you look real hard you can see Ergun Caner getting silly stringed. Silly string never gets old at graduations.

Chambers Choir doing their thing and Chuck Norris receiving his honorary doctorate from Jerry Falwell Jr.

Below is a picture of the two graduates.

The Kan family and Sarah with Stacia and Gracie.

Jessica at her pinning ceremony.

Jessica with mom and dad.  I have no clue what my dad is doing here.  I think he’s trying to get my sister’s attention.

Almost looks like a football game is going on here.  The second picture is at the Kan’s home.


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