Sermon Writing Phases

Colin Adams has distinguished three phases that preachers go through during his sermon preparation:

Colin Adams:

I. Organising (pre-writing)

a) You need to gather together all relevant notes that you have accumulated before touching a computer key

b) You could refresh your memory on your notes before writing

c) You need to think about the format/size of your manuscript (A4? A5?)

d) You need uninterrupted and ideally, quiet time

e) You need to pray for specific help: amongst other things, for stamina, accuracy, and words.

II. Drafting

a) Write a whole draft in one go (usually takes me about three to four hours)

b) Don’t rush the first draft but don’t agonise over it.

c) Try to write as you speak

d) Be warned: the first draft is liable to be long and clunky!

III. Editing

As you revisit the manuscript, ask questions like:
a) Is my writing clear?

b) Is my writing concise?

c) Is my writing compelling?

d) Is my sermon proportional?

e) Are my transitions smooth/ logical?


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