Jeremy “Passion” Manongdo

This is Jeremy Manongdo also known as “Passion” in the music industry from San Fransisco, CA. I was introduced to his music a couple of years ago by my sister Sarah. Much of his music has a lot of the R&B flavor that I grew up listening to back in the day. He’s got an incredible voice and is extremely talented. To check out his myspace page click here. You can also check out his youtube page by clicking here.

I am encouraged to see other young filipino brothers proclaiming the name of Christ so openly. Maybe it’s where I live but this is rare where I am from.

This is Jeremy leading worship.

This is Jeremy playing at the Urban Soul Cafe show at B.B. King’s Blues Club in downtown Nashville singing Here I am to Worship.


One thought on “Jeremy “Passion” Manongdo

  1. I just love his rendition of Here I am to Worship, and He Knows My Name, and More of you!
    I would love to buy, but, alas, there is no place to do so! Does he have mp3 versions of his songs anywhere?

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