“Ultra Superior Memory”

I recently read an article on msnbc’s website on Rick Baron who can virtually remember anything since the age of 11. By the way he’s 39.  Reseachers are so intrigued by him that the University of California is actually doing a study on him. This stuff fascinates me as I’m on the other end of the spectrum of memorization. There’s also a video that you should check out of him being intervied by Matt Lauer. Click here for the story


“It is May 19 and I’m sitting here at NBC,” Baron told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Monday by way of demonstrating an ability that has been confirmed in just two other Americans. “My mind automatically categorizes NBC and May 19 in various ways. Days in 1980 come out the same as 2008. The big story, if it’s 28 years later to the minute, is Mount St. Helens erupting.”

There are three other people with this type of memory.  Jill Price is one other and was recently on the Today Show being interviewed.  You can see a short video of her by clicking here.  Her new book entitled The Woman Who Can’t Forget is due out later this month.  She has expressed the negative side of having such a good memory.

They have apparently forgotten one other person with this type of “Ultra Superior Memory” and that is Southern’s one and only Dr. Albert Mohler.  Okay, I’m joking! 


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