Mahaney on Leadership and Family Vacations

With Summer soon approaching and it is the season of vacations for most families. C.J. Mahaney of Sovereign Grace Ministries provides some wisdom and a challenge for fathers in this short series he just started on the Sovereign Grace Blog. Click here to read the whole post.

SG Blog:

Family vacations provide a unique opportunity each year for fathers to create memories their children will never forget. Memories that will last a lifetime. Memories that will be recreated by your children with your grandchildren. Memories that will outlive a father. But in order to create these memories, a father must be diligent to serve and lead during a vacation. How a father views his role on a vacation will make all the difference in the vacation.

So in this season where family vacations are being carefully planned and eagerly anticipated, I thought it might be helpful if I passed along seven lessons I’ve learned over the years, in hopes that your family vacation will be a God-glorifying, grace-filled, relationship-building, memory-making time together.

Below is the outline:


1. A Servant Heart
2. A Tone-Setting Attitude
3. An Awareness of Indwelling Sin
4. Studying Your Family
5. Skillful Surprises
6. Intentionally Together
7. Gratefulness to God

Below is an excerpt from #2 “A Tone-Setting Attitude”:

Vacations provide unhurried periods of time where in the shadow of the cross a husband/father realizes afresh that he is doing much better than he deserves. Instead of wrath and hell God has been merciful and kind, pouring out his wrath on his Son so that sinners like you and me could experience forgiveness, justification, redemption, reconciliation, and adoption.

And because of the cross, evidences of grace abound in our lives, beginning in our families. We should be specifically grateful to God for each member of our family and express this gratefulness to them. Vacations are opportunities to discern and celebrate these unique gifts from God that we don’t deserve.


2 thoughts on “Mahaney on Leadership and Family Vacations

  1. pfft….vacation? What’s that? 🙂

    …just wish I could afford the fuel to take one!

    (Love your blog to by the by…you inspired my new theme.)

    Coram Deo

  2. Ha…yeah for real! Gas is crazy outrageous. The only vacation I’m taking this year is my honeymoon. Could be years till I go on another (j/k).

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