Greek Grammer Review Resource

I’m sorry to say this but my Greek and Hebrew have gone down the drain since I’ve been out of seminary. Something I always told myself that I would never let happen. I’m starting back up in the Fall (08 ) again and although I’ve finished my language requirements for my degree I have considered taking an exegesis class or two as like most people this stuff is a little difficult to teach yourself when you are out of school. I ran across this site that I thought my be helpful for me and thought I’d share it with you guys who might be a little rusty.

Analytikon Philosophy:

By contrast this site is directed primarily toward those who have a prior knowledge of Greek and are seeking to refresh their skills for further study of the Greek language or the text of the NT. For example, college or seminary students who have already taken basic Greek may need to brush up before taking a competency exam, enrolling in an intermediate or advanced level Greek course, or taking exegesis courses based on the Greek rather than English text of the NT.

Furthermore, for these students, practice with the language rather than simply reviewing grammatical rules is necessary for recovery of vocabulary and polishing the skills of parsing, translation and grammatical analysis. The rules can come back quickly, but recognizing and applying those rules to particular texts does not always come back so easily. In other words, students often need more than a textbook, they need someone to explain structures and functions in context. Therefore, this site also includes interactive drilling in Greek vocabulary, practice in parsing, drilling in recognition of syntactical structures, and sentences for translation with full grammatical explanations for the syntax and function of every word in the sentence. This approach focuses on practice with the language rather than information acquisition and provides detailed explanations for all the practice sentences from the NT text.


3 thoughts on “Greek Grammer Review Resource

  1. You’re welcome. Thanks for the “Analyticon” resource. I added part of its site (“Translation Practice”) to my blog site in the sidebar.

    Also, for your on-going vocabulary review, I have added (and am continuing to add) all the N.T. Greek vocab. by (Metzger’s) frequency to:

    I will continue to post these until I get down to the >10x listing. Notice that it’s valuable to show the original Greek word on BOTH sides of the card. Helps promote recognition of the definition by association with the original word.


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