2008 SBC Presidential Candidates Respond to Questions

I know I haven’t posted much if anything on the Southern Baptist Convention or the presidency but the truth of the matter is I am very interested considering I do consider myself for the most part a Southern Baptist. Yes folks…there it is I said it.

After finding out that Al Mohler would not be running for presidency of the convention I was of course disappointed but am excited and have high hopes for the current candidates. I have to admit that I haven’t been able to keep up much with all that is going on in the convention lately due to more important and exciting things happening in my life right now such as…well…getting married and moving in just about a month.

To get to know our candidates better I have posted some links from Baptist Press on the current candidates. Questions were asked of each candidate ranging from what his primary message would be to Southern Baptists if elected president to the issue regenerate church membership. The questions were standardized with one individualized question for each person.

Frank Cox’s responses to questionnaire

Wiley Drake’s responses to questionnaire

Johnny Hunt’s responses to questionnaire

Les Puryear’s responses to questionnaire

Bill Wagner’s responses to questionnaire

Avery Willis’ responses to questionnaire


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