Helpful Advice on “Note-Keeping and Organization”

Derek Brown a fellow student at Southern has posted some helpful advice on storing up resources to increase your knowledge. You can guarantee that I will be applying much of this into my study.

“Note-Keeping and Organization” (Part 1) (Part 2)

Brown writes:

Much of our labor as pastors, teachers, and professors will be the gathering and distribution of useful knowledge. Anticipating this to be the case, I have found it helpful to begin to learn how to store up that knowledge now, so that I can use it later in the ministry. In the next post, I would like to suggest a few ways in which I take, store, and retrieve notes. I have written on this previously, but this next article will deal in more depth with the whole of my method of note-keeping, not just with the note-card system. The approach I use now is basically a combination of several methods I have distilled into a note-keeping and retrieval process that has proved to be both simple and effective. I hope it will be a benefit to you.

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