Just a little advice for anyone planning to do any street or door to door evangelism in your local ghetto or hood. Leave this shirt at home. 🙂

(HT: Purgatorio)


4 thoughts on “C.O.P.S

  1. Right! Normally I just rip it off as soon as I meet someone because it causes them to ask lots of questions (e.g. “what the @!$% are you doing!??!). Once they get curious I pull out my carry on ipulpit, place it on the ground in front of me and stand on it so that I’m a approximately a foot higher, then I preach about hell for a while in a loud voice so others who pass by can maybe “eaves drop” as they pass by (you’d be surprised how much the popping of the vains around my neck and the red face usually get people’s attention). If they walk away i usually just go get another over-shirt.

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