Johnny Hunt elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention

Johnny Hunt has won the SBC presidency by a relatively large percentage winning 52.95 percent over the other five candidates in Indianapolis.  Johnny Hunt is senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA.  Please pray for wisdom and discernment for Johnny Hunt as he begins to lead the SBC.

  • Johnny Hunt: 3,100 votes (52.94%)
  • Frank Cox: 1,286 votes (21.96%)
  • Avery Willis: 962 votes (16.43%)
  • Bill Wagner: 255 votes (4.35%)
  • Les Puryear: 188 votes (3.21%)
  • Wiley Drake: 45 votes (0.77%)

Baptist Press: Hunt elected president on first ballot

Christianity Today: Johnny Hunt Wins SBC Presidency


3 thoughts on “Johnny Hunt elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention

  1. Johnny Hunt was instrumental in my discovery of Calvinism. He spoke at Liberty and talked on and on about his role in the salvation of others. Something seemed amiss so I started looking into the issue. Thankfully, Romans straightened me out.

  2. Here’s a non-bash of Johnny Hunt:

    When I first started going to FBCW I had some seriously wacked out Doctrine. I was into the charismatic stuff with belief in tongues (crazy talk), health, wealth, prosperity, etc. Sitting under Johnny Hunt, God was able to use him as an instrument to provide what I refer to as “Theological Therapy.” I used to never be in the Word, now I’m in it all the time. I walk closer with God than ever and Johnny Hunt had a lot to do with that. I’m sure some people would rather put more emphasis on disputing doctrines of free will and limited atonement, but that debate isn’t fulfilling the great commission. What guys like Johnny Hunt do every day of his life in sharing the Gospel and the message of the Cross, while discipling guys like me is fulfilling it. Now I want to go make disciples. Live the Great Commandment and do the Great Commission. Praise God for guys like Johnny Hunt!

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