A Brief Comparison between Logos Scholar’s Library and BibleWorks 7

Terry Delaney, a student at Southern Seminary and has given a brief comparison between BibleWorks 7 and Logos Scholar’s Library. 

Said at Southern:

I have recently reviewed both the Logos Scholar’s Library and BibleWorks7 (BW7) and have heard many say that they prefer one software system over the other for various reasons. After having reviewed both of them, I thought it would be good to offer a comparison of what I have found and open it up for discussion amongst the readers here at Said.

There is nothing technical about this; I am simply offering what I found to be the strengths and/or weaknesses to the two programs as well as a comparison of the add-ons each offers. In many ways, this was a lot like comparing apples to oranges because each program is geared for a different person. Unless otherwise noted, I am comparing the two products as base products.

Read the whole post here.

Be sure to check out his reviews on both of them below:

Software Review: LOGOS Bible Software

Software Review: BibleWorks7


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