Desiring God National Conference Audio and Video (2008)

This year’s Desiring God National Conference titled The Power of Words and the Wonder of God is now available in audio and video through Desiring God here.  Below are the video’s from the conference.  I have only heard snippets of the panel discussion and am looking forward to listening to the rest of the talks in particular Sinclair Ferguson’s exposition on James 3:1-12.

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2 thoughts on “Desiring God National Conference Audio and Video (2008)

  1. Jonathan-

    Thanks for posting these links for the Desiring God Conference. I have had the chance to listen to Driscoll and Piper so far and was particularly challenged by Piper’s thoughts on “Christian Eloquence”. His message reminded me of a 19th century London Preacher by the name of Edward Irvin, who consistently dazzled the crowd with his oratory prowess from the pulpit. Sadly to say, biographies written about his life tell us that those who heard him speak left the service extremely impressed by his public speaking gifts, but rarely convicted of sin or challenged by the truth of God’s Word.

    Lord help us not to utilize the pulpit to create a name for ourself or dazzle people with oratory eloquence. As Paul told his young protégé in the faith, Timothy, may we “Preach the Word” and allow the eloquence recorded in the Bible to make much of Him, not ourselves.

  2. May I add that I am by no means not an advocate for clear expression of the Word. Obviously I don’t believe that eloquence is all together bad. In fact, preachers do need to be extremely articulate, clear, and expressive. However, I feel as if many preachers including myself have a propensity at one time or another to make “eloquence” the ultimate goal of their message(even if they might not say it is). This sad goal is extremely dangerous and is a great cause of pride in my life and others. May our goal as preachers be to honor God through rigorous study habits and prayer so that we can confidently preach the Word while clinging to the Holy Spirit for clarity and power. God honoring eloquence could very well be the overflow of this commitment to prayer, thorough sermon preparation, and dependence upon the Holy Spirit, which is the eloquence that Dr. Piper seems to promotes.

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