I’ve been Tagged…

I’ve been tagged by Mr. Bradley Cochran. The following questions are from Said at Southern.

  1. What are you reading on Fall reading days? 1) John Owen, Overcoming Sin and Tempatation; 2) Anthony Howekema, Saved By Grace; 3) Paul Tripp, Whiter Than Snow 4) Mark Dever, The Gospel and Personal Evangelism
  2. What do you wish you had time to read? 1) Thomas Schreiner, New Testament Theology
  3. What have you decided NOT to read that you were assigned to read. Nothing
  4. What is one great quote from your reading? “The vigor and power, and comfort of our spiritual life depends on the mortification of the deeds of the flesh.” -John Owen
  5. Why are you blogging? (You’re supposed to be reading!) I can’t sleep…

One thought on “I’ve been Tagged…

  1. HA!!! Im just now going to bed. Had to clean up my room all night after closet construction. Hope you get some sleep bro.

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