Pray for your Pastor…

Ray Ortlund:

I have been ordained for 33 years now, but I have never before been so aware of faithful ministers under intense distress and temptation and outright attack. I myself am in green pastures and beside still waters, for which I am grateful. But it is not so for many others right now. Unable to see the battles being fought in the heavenlies and unwilling to speculate about them, I can plead that every church organize regular prayer for her pastor.

I have never seen a faithful pastor too much prayed for, too much encouraged, too much loved and cheered on, though I have seen members oddly concerned that the pastor be reminded of how dispensable he is, how inadequate he is, and so forth. The result, and maybe the intention, is weak churches.

In these times of intense pressure on us all, half-way Christianity is no longer a credible option. It’s all for Christ or nothing. Our churches are the front line of spiritual battle, and the pastors are at the forefront of the battle. Pray for your pastor, encourage him, empower him. If the battle is to be won in our generation, it will be a shared victory. We stand or fall together.


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