Interview: John Frame on going to seminary

Ryan Burns and Jake Belder of interviewed Dr. John Frame on the benefits and limitations of going to seminary. Dr. Frame also discusses a couple of interesting pamphlets concerning the case for seminary training and another pamphlet proposing for a revamping of the didactic structures of traditional seminary training. If you are contemplating the thought of going to seminary sometime in the future or just starting seminary this interview will definitely be worth your time. Dr. Frame also gives a little taste of his skillz on the keys at the end of the interview.

Ryan Burns:

Jake and I had the opportunity the other day to sit down with Dr. John Frame of Reformed Theological Seminary – Orlando (RTS-O) and ask him several questions related to his writings and experience in the seminary environment. The interview revolved around two writings of Dr. Frame that I believe to be “must reads” for those in seminary or those thinking about it.

The first is a pamphlet Dr. Frame wrote at the request of the RTS-O admission department called, Learning at Jesus’ Feet: a Case for Seminary Training (free online). This is a phenomenal read for those thinking about attending seminary as it address many of the questions that are probably going through your head.

The second document is much older than the pamphlet. Written in 1972, Proposal for a New Seminary is an amazing work where Frame discusses the current seminary structure and suggests that there might be a better way. Since the original publishing date, Frame has added two postscripts to show how his thoughts have developed in relation to the original piece. This is a great read for all seminarians and some really good food for thought and discussion.


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