Top Ten Ways to Write a Bad Worship Song

Want to write or avoid writing a bad worship song?  Bob Kauflin, worship leader extraordinaire has provided 10 ways to write a bad worship song.  I have listed them below.  Check out his website for a brief explanation on each one.

  1. Aim to write the next worldwide worship hit.
  2. Spend all your time working on the music, not the words.
  3. Spend all your time working on the words, not the music.
  4. Don’t consider the range and capabilities of the average human voice.
  5. Never let anyone alter the way God originally gave your song to you.
  6. Make sure the majority of your songs talk about what we do and feel rather than who God is and what he’s done.
  7. Try to use as many Scriptural phrases as you can, and don’t worry about how they fit together.
  8. Cover as many themes as possible.
  9. Use phrases and words that are included in 95% of all worship songs.
  10. Forget about Jesus and what he accomplished at the cross.

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