Communication Media within the Family

This may be obvious by now but with the increase of technology within the area of communication studies have shown that the internet, cell phones, and texting are a standard feature in many families.  Pew Research has done an interesting study on “Networked Families”.

Pew Research:

For today’s married-with-children households, ownership of multiple gadgets and communication tools is a standard feature of family life:

  • 58% of those living in married-with-children households own two or more desktop or laptop computers. Nearly two-thirds of those living in multiple-computer households (63%) link those computers in a home network.
  • Both spouses use the internet in 76% of married-with-children households, as do 84% of their children aged 7-17. Indeed, 65% of married-with-children households with a child between the ages of 7-17 contain a husband, wife, and child who all use the internet.
  • 89% of married-with-children households own multiple cell phones, and nearly half (47%) own three or more mobile devices. Children in these households are somewhat less likely to own a cell phone than they are to go online: 57% of these children (aged 7-17) have their own cell phone.

Even more interesting is that studies have revealed that the internet has actually reduced the amount of time young adults spend on television.  I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing….

Pew Research:

Most internet users say that the internet has not changed the amount of time they spend with friends, with family, and attending social events or activities. However, 25% of online adults say that the internet has decreased the amount of time they spend watching television. Especially among younger adults the importance of television has diminished while the internet has gained enhanced importance.


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