22 very simple ways for a new blogger to improve.

Abraham Piper has some great advice for new and prospective bloggers.  I have posted just some of his points below.


1. Keep paragraphs 5 lines or shorter. (If this post were a list of one, this would be it.)

2. Don’t get hung up on whether posts should be long or short. Just make each sentence motivate your audience to read the next one.

3. Interesting titles are good, but it’s more important that they’re informative.

4. Break up longer posts with helpful headings.

5. Put either your main point or a story in the first paragraph of posts.

6. Correct other people’s typos when quoting them (without noting that you corrected them).

7. Connect links to meaningful words so people know what they’ll find at the other end (unlike linking “this” or “here”).


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