Using the ESV Study Bible during a Theology Exam

So I was in my Systematic Theology class last week taking a mid-term and noticed after I finished that a gentlman a table over was using his new thick ESV Study Bible.  Hmm…is this morally ethical considering that the professor said we could not use our lecture notes but only our Bibles?  I’d like to hear your thoughts on using study bibles during exams.  The answer should be obvious?


3 thoughts on “Using the ESV Study Bible during a Theology Exam

  1. At my seminary (Westminster in Philadelphia), the professors usually specify for exams where one may use a Bible that it be “an English Bible with no helps” (i.e., study notes). For some classes, we are only allowed to use a Greek or Hebrew Bible.

  2. Mark,
    Thanks for your input! Most of the professors at Southern typically state “no notes, only your Bibles” which usually doesn’t give much clarification towards study Bibles because I still see people using them. Most study bibles would not be as helpful in a seminary level class but the ESV Study Bible has so much material that it is the study Bible that has the most potential as far as help is concerned. I personally haven’t used a study Bible but I have been tempted in the past.

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