No more burgers from McDonalds for me after reading this…

I’m not much of a fast food guy in fact I don’t remember exactly when it was when I last had a hamburger from McDonalds but after reading this I can guarantee you that I won’t be ordering any burgers in the future from McDonalds. I’m not even sure how this is possible…but this article supports a claim that a former co-worker of mine actually experienced herself. Pretty interesting stuff…

**Update**  I’m not sure how accurate this is but thought it was interesting that my co-worker’s similar experience came before this post and all the discussion surrounding it.  This could be totally false either way burgers aren’t the healthiest of foods to eat.  How about a nice serving of some broiled tilapia?  Hmm…



4 thoughts on “No more burgers from McDonalds for me after reading this…

  1. Wow! Thanks for that. I’ve been looking for a good reason/ way to wean myself off this stuff. May as well be eating plastic. It’s strange that it doesn’t even grow mould.
    Well, even if it’s not true…it gives me one more reason to take myself off bad food.
    I’ll be sending the link around…

  2. No problem. Not sure how accurate it is but I too need to stay away from fast food. The thought of a years old burger still intact is a little disturbing.

  3. This is absolute BS. There is no possible way this could be true unless it was kept frozen. I know the meat is 100% beef with only salt and pepper added.

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