The Dead iPod Song

During a reading break I was on Facebook and saw that Dr. Russell Moore was mourning the loss of his iPod (status bar).  Someone added a comment and linked this hilarious video.  I have an old skool iPod, I’m talking first or second generation (very brick like) and fortunately for me it’s still running strong although the battery life is getting pretty weak.  My “doom seed” must be still dormant….

Favorite lines:

or keep it simple ’cause less is more;
put it in a shoebox in the back of a drawer
then 50 years from today
your grandkids will find it and say:

“you listened to music on this!? you mean when you were a kid, you didn’t have music uploaded directly to your brain?! and you’ll say “nah, we just had iPods.”


2 thoughts on “The Dead iPod Song

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