Ryan Ferguson Interviewed on Memorizing Scripture

Tim Challies recently interviewed Ryan Ferguson on memorizing scripture.  Ryan Ferguson is known for his dramatic recitations of scripture.  I have posted a video of him reciting Pslam 22 as well as an excerpt from his interview with Challies.  I was encouraged and challenged by this interview as I am sure you will be.   Be sure to read the whole interview.

What are some of the blessings you’ve experienced in memorizing Scripture?
I have heard it said that joy comes through obedience. I would say that I have experienced joy in memorizing Scripture because God has asked me to hide his Word in my heart so I don’t forget him. There is a joy in knowing God’s Word. In a different way, I have been blessed to be able to use the Scripture that I have in my head in specific instances to encourage or exhort a brother or sister in Christ.

What benefit is there in memorizing entire books of the Bible?
If we value Scripture as God’s inspired Word, then I would suggest that the benefit of memorizing entire books is that we get to experience everything God wanted to say through that author at that particular point. For instance if you memorize Ephesians, you get to experience how the Spirit inspired Paul to write the first three chapters declaring truth after wonderful truth about God, and then you would experience the practical power of Scripture in chapters four through six as we have multiple commands given to us about our living. When we have whole books in our minds, we can experience the entire story of that book.


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