Our Wedding Song – The Bride of Christ


I thought I would post the song Jess and the bridal party walked down the aisle to earlier this year during our wedding.  I know of no song that captures the beauty and excitement of the marriage union between Christ and His Bride (the Church).  The song itself is based off of Revelation 21:2 and Isaiah 61:10.  I tried looking up the biographical info of the writer but could not find anything on the internet.  I first decided to use this song when my best man Adam Barnes used it in his wedding.  I chose to use this song in hopes that those in attendance would set their minds and hearts on what our wedding was representative of, namely Christ’s marriage to the church.  Marriages are the clearest and most dramatic expressions of our relationship with Christ (Ephesians 5:22-33) therefore we thought it would be appropriate to use this song rather than the standard piano or pipe organ (which also would have been amazing) for our wedding.  Instead of allowing the intensity of the music to move people we thought that the lyrics in and of themselves were enough to do this although it was quite an amazing experience to hear the key change on the last verse when the doors opened and the crowd rose for Jessica’s entrance.  We used a piano, a violin, and a guitar for the instruments and our friends Jason and Donna Shaw sang.

The actual music that you hear in the audio is not the original composition but was actually composed by Zachary Smith who was a member at the church I was at while in Lynchburg, VA.  As you listen you can hear that it basically works itself out like a contemporary worship song.  I apologize about the audio as it was done on the fly at a friends house on my laptop with a cheap mic.  The person singing is my college buddy and friend Brady Rose.


O church of God, thou spotless bride,

On Jesus’ breast secure;

No stains of sin in thee abide,

Thy garments all are pure.

Of unity and holiness

Thy gentle voice doth sing;

Of purity and lowliness

Thy songs in triumph ring.


Thou lovely virgin, thou art fair,

Thy mothers only child;

Thy heav’nly music let me hear,

Thy voice is sweet and mild.

Thy cheeks adorned with jewels bright,

Thy neck with chains of gold;

Unfurl thy banners in thy might,

Thy graces rich unfold.


She stood attired in spotless dress

The early morning through,

And then into the wilderness

On eagle’s wings she flew.

And nourished there from heav’nly clime,

She lived for many years;

Now, in this blessed evening time

Her glory reappears.


She leans upon an Arm of love

No sin her garments taints;

They’re made of linen wov’n above

The righteousness of saints.

The marriage of the Lamb is come,

His bride all ready stands; T

he Bridegroom soon will take her home

To dwell in heav’nly lands.


10 thoughts on “Our Wedding Song – The Bride of Christ

  1. Jonathan
    I found this blog post while googling “Bride of Christ song” trying to find songs about the bride of Christ for my wedding. Sadly it seems that there aren’t very many songs revolving around that theme!

    What is the original song/writer of the lyrics?

    Your friend that wrote this version…would he be willing to let my fiance and I use it in our wedding? Would there be a way to get some music for my brother to learn to sing it?

    It is truly beautiful!!!


  2. Beautiful Song! I also came across this post when googling and am interested in using this song in my wedding.

    So I would also like to know who the original song writer is? and if your friend would be willing to let my fiance and I use it in our wedding. Would I be able to get some music?


  3. I also found this site while googling “Bride of Christ song” for my wedding.

    Sadly, I can’t hear the audio. Could you list the name of the song as well as the original songwriter and lyricist?


  4. I’m getting married July 28th of this year, and have started looking for songs for me and my fiance’s wedding. We deeply long for our wedding (and then marriage) to point others to Christ and exemplify Him and direct their attention to Him throughout the whole thing. I was Googling Sovereign Grace Music, and this page came up.

    The song you used sounds exactly like what we are looking for! I couldn’t listen to it though, would there be any way that you could tell me how I could listen to it? I would really appreciate it!

    Thank you so much!
    P.S. Funny fact: I was reading your post, and I actually go to school at LIberty University in Lynchburg VA and will be graduating in May! What church did you attend?? 🙂

  5. Hi
    I would love to use this song at my wedding. Do you have the sheet music or the chord music and an audio recording of it that we could download? We have the same ideas about bringing the concept of Jesus and His bride in to our wedding day, and have been hunting for a song to walk down the aisle to with this theme.
    Thanks so much

  6. I see that I’m following a common trend here in happening upon your blog in a search for an appropriate processional piece! I was not able to hear the audio file but it seems like this arrangement of The Bride of Christ may be exactly what my friend is looking for for her June wedding. Is there any way I can get a copy of the score?

    • Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to you. It’s been a while since I’ve been back to this blog. I have posted the audio. Please let me know if you have any questions. Blessings..

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