Rick Moran Gives His Thoughts on “Jack Bauer in a Post Bush World”


Is Jack back?  Rick Moran shares his thoughts on the return of Jack Bauer in the highly anticipated Season 7 of 24.  The title of his post: Jack Bauer in a Post Bush World.

Moran concludes:

In short, the native optimism that has made us such an exceptional people has been shaken. It shouldn’t surprise us that this should be reflected in the Jack Bauer character. Television, if nothing else, tends to reflect trends rather than create or lead them. In this respect, season 7 of 24 will no doubt mirror the mood of the country in the post-Bush era; a determined effort to take a respite from history and the last 8 tumultuous years here and abroad. This yearning for “change” resulted in an historic election where the people rejected what they saw – rightly or wrongly – as more of the same and elevated to power someone with very different ideas than Jack Bauer started out with about how to fight the terrorists.

Be sure to read the entire post here.

(HT: Hugh Hewitt)


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