A Discussion Between Antony Flew, N.T. Wright, and Gary Habermas


In March of 2008 at Westminster Chapel Antony Flew, N.T. Wright, Gary Habermas discuss Antony Flew’s book There is A God as well as some clarifying questions on the book and his position on God.  I haven’t listened to all three parts of the discussion but so far I have enjoyed what I have heard.


(HT: Gary Habermas)


3 thoughts on “A Discussion Between Antony Flew, N.T. Wright, and Gary Habermas

  1. Thanks for posting that.

    Flew scolds Dawkins for not writing to him to find out what he believes.

    What was so wrong with Dawkins reading Flew’s book to find out what Flew believes? How many inaccuracies are there in the book that Flew wants to clear up in private correspondence?

  2. Rather curiously, Flew has fulminated in public that Dawkins does not give a definition of deism in The God Delusion (although it does), while ‘There is a God’ has absolutely no discussion of deism at all.

    Flew is now a deist, and there is no discussion of deism in Flew’s book? Varghese and Hostetler should be ashamed of what they have done to Flew.

    If Dawkins ever becomes a Muslim, do you think he would write a book about his journey to Islam, and never discuss what Islam is in the book? That would beggar belief.

    And yet Christians say with a straight face that ‘There is a God’ is by Flew, although Flew is a deist and the book does not discuss deism and how it differs from theism.

    It is disgusting what Christians have done to Flew.

    I only hope that history ignores this book by ‘Flew’ when judging his reputation as a philosopher. It would be a travesty if Flew is judged by this book.

  3. Steven, I think the issue Flew is raising with Dawkins is that Dawkins wants to accuse Flew of senility without bothering to check in on him. How are you old chap? Are you taking your meds? This is just another example of Dawkins’s spiteful and insulting personality exposed at every corner of his school-yard debate on atheism.

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