First Full Year of The Crimson Window!


I am happy and surprised to say that The Crimson Window has been up and running for one full year as of this month.  I started this blog January 21, 2008 wondering how long I would survive in the blogosphere.  This blog actually stems back to blogspot where I blogged at for about 3 months.  The stats that you actually see on the bottom right are from my transition to WordPress in April.  Although stats are not and should not be the goal for continuing a blog it is great to know how many people are being exposed to some of the resources and links I have posted.  A big thanks from me to everyone who has taken the time to stop by (even if it was on accident)!  Your feedback on the resources and posts that I have put up have been a delight to me.  I do not know how much longer I will keep this blog but just as long as it does not effect my ministry to my wife, family, church, and the great commission than I will continue to post.

Grace and Peace

Jonathan Ignacio


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