9Marks: Raising Up the Next Generation of Pastors


The January/Feburary 2009 edition of the 9Marks journal is now available. A pdf file is available as well.  Below is the index.



Raising Up Pastors Is the Church’s Work
Seminaries are neither necessary nor necessarily advisable for future pastors. They are useful for some, so long as churches don’t surrender the commission that Christ gave to them.
Part 1 of an interview with Mark Dever

How Do Pastors Raise Up Pastors?
Not every church can afford an internship program or pastor’s college. So where does a pastor begin? It turns out he begins with what’s most important.
Part 2 of an interview with Mark Dever

A Seminary President’s Forum
We asked a roundtable of seminary presidents why their seminary is needed, as well as what encouraging work they’re seeing in local churches.
Answers from Daniel L. Akin, Bryan Chapell, Dennis P. Hollinger and Paige Patterson

A Pastor’s Forum
We asked a roundtable of pastors whether churches have the responsibility of raising up the next generation of pastors and, if so, why?
Answers from Rickey Armstrong, Stephen E. Farish, David Helm, Juan Sanchez and Sandy Willson

The Church as Classroom: The History of Master’s Seminary
Here’s the story of how one local church pursued the mission of equipping future leaders.
By Nathan Busenitz


“I Learned the Hard Way”—Mentoring at South Woods Baptist
By Phil A. Newton

“Why Are We Joyfully Committed?”—Mentoring at Bethlehem Baptist
By Tom Steller

“Look, It’s the Church’s Job”—Mentoring at Lakeview Baptist
By Al Jackson


9Marks wants to see more churches and pastors taking responsibility for raising up the next generation of pastors. To help our readers catch a vision for what that might look like, we asked several organizations closely tied to one or several local churches how they fulfill this mission. With one exception, each of the following organization answers the same 18 questions.

(HT: Owen Strachan)


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