Logic Resources (Audio)

Apologetics 315:

Deductive Logic, by George William Joseph Stock by Lit2Go on iTunes
(the ebook can be found here)

Basic Sentential Logic and Informal Fallacies
Audio with PDFs. by Rick Grush, UCSD – podcast on iTunes

LOGIC MP3 Audio by John Robbins
1. Introduction to Logic
2. Definition of Terms
3. Logic and Theology: The Westminster Confession
4. Informal Fallacies, Part 1
5. Informal Fallacies, Part 2
6. Logic and Theology: Christ’s Use of Logic
7. Definitions
8. Formal Logic
9. Logic and Theology: Paul’s Use of Logic
10. Categorical Forms
11. Immediate Inference, Validity, Euler Circles
12. Logic and Theology: Empirical Apologetics
13. Homework Review
14. The Syllogism
15. Logic and Theology: Why Science Is Always False
16. Homework Review
17. Conclusion
18. Logic and Theology: Vantillian Apologetics


One thought on “Logic Resources (Audio)

  1. I listened to most of Robbins lectures back in 06. I didn’t find them very helpful for some reason. I bought them for like 20 something dollars before they were free! Oh well … hope you find them more helpful than I did.

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