On The Use of Gospel Tracts

Seth McBee gives his thoughts on the positive and negative aspects of using Gospel tracts.

The Reformed Evangelist:

Here is yet another popular method used today in evangelism, which is tract bombing. What happens is that you choose a place to go, hand out a bunch of tracts to people, put them on park benches, next to a toilet, in condemn dispensers or in the hands of unsuspecting passer-byers. Boom…tract bombing at its best. Like most forms of evangelism, tracts have their positive and negative effects. I have used them in the past and still have some sitting in the corner of my office awaiting their next victim.

The question has to be, What place do tracts have in evangelism? Do they have a place? Are they outdated? Let’s take a quick look at some positive aspects of tracts and then also some negative aspects.

Read the whole post here.

(HT: Daily Scroll)


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